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How Can I Show Wine Club Pricing/Discounts in Webstore?

Hi All -

Is there a way where I can display wine club discounts on wine pages in the store? Currently, discounted prices are only visible after a shopper has added an item to his/her cart.

Is there a better solution than adding a line to each item description stating that ‘discounts will appear when items are added to your cart’?

Thanks, in advance, for your feedback/advice.

Vino Noceto

I don’t know of any good way to do this, but according to Wine Direct, this feature is coming soon (as of 2018).

Thanks rmcguire.

This seems like a pretty basic feature. It also appears that it would be trivially difficult to implement with proper administrative privileges:

Specifically, class=“v65-price v65-salePrice” should be visible in the product index and on individual product pages, coupled with class=“v65-price v65-originalPrice” set with text-decoration: line-through when the sale price is visible. This is how the shopping cart is configured already.