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User Choice Setup: Wine & Merch

I’m playing around with the new user choice club feature, which looks great but am having trouble with pricing/discounting.
We are debuting a new club which has a merch item included in each shipment. That merch item is not discounted, but the wines included are. I’ve set the promo code up a few different ways - to included specific wines, to exclude specific wines, and to apply only to a specific department - yet no matter how I set it up, the discount keeps applying to the merch item.
Am I overlooking something? Is it possible for the selected promo to apply to specific items in the selection while the other products are charged at full retail? Or does the promo code have to apply to all items in the selection?
Many thanks. -E

I believe those User Choice discounts apply ubiquitously. A hack would be to nest your merch products inside of a bundle and then price the bundle so that after the discount, it’s the price you want it to be. :woozy_face:

Hi @eric1, thank you for the note! We are adding the ability to exclude products to the new improvements. That will be out next week, so look for the announcement.

You were correct in your initial findings with the promo. All those abilities do work for the using the promo during checkout. However for User Choice, the promo is only being used to identify the % discount to apply to all the products added to the season. We did this in order to get the feature out and affect the most wineries, that do not have many exceptions.

The ask to exclude products was the biggest feedback we received during our trials so we started working on it.

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Amazing, thank you, @Nelson for being so swift to the requests.
@EdFarmCollective, thanks for the insight.