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Wine Club discounts without using promos

So this might sound naive but is there any way to have a wine club discount automatically applied to web orders without using a promo code? It seems like there should be a way to assign the discount to club members so that when they order items from the website they don’t have to type in a promo code. Having to make the guests take an extra step in order to receive their discount seems weird.

Club discount applies automatically for my club members. Your club discount should be set up that way in promo’s. If it isn’t working that way there must be something missing when the promo was set up. If you put a code word in take it out. If that doesnt work I would check these:

  • Apply to : Specific Clubs (make sure all club levels are selected that the discount applies to)
  • Departments (are the right departments selected)
  • Order Types (leave blank if you want it to apply to any type of order)
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One thing to keep in mind - after setting up the promos to apply to certain clubs, your members have to be logged into their accounts on your website to have the discount applied. You may want to put some wording on your website to remind people - we have club members make new accounts to make purchases occasionally, and since this new account doesn’t have a club membership attached, the discount does not apply.

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I am new to WineDirect. I just added a few new wines and the club member’s discounts aren’t being automatically applied. Did I forget to check a certain box?

When setting up a promo for club member discounts, do all that @LindseyW said AND leave the “Code” field blank. This will cause the promo to be applied anytime the conditions are met without the customer having to provide the promo code. Your club members will have to be logged in to receive the discount, but they will not have to provide the code.

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