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How to DELETE a pending order from POS?

Is there a way to remove a pending order that was accidentally created?

Last I heard…no. Make the suggestion on wine ideas.

I found out by accident that if you click to Edit the order, and then under the General tab, Billing Information, you click on “remove,” you get a system error message and an apology, but it cancels the order:)

For sure, not. I elevated my frustration as high as I could take it with this one. I think I put a feature request in a long time ago. Need votes. It is ridiculous

Ultimately, the pending orders will fall down and will rarely be seen by customers. I too have complained about this, but changing how it functions necessitates re-architecting significant parts of WineDirect and at this point, I ask myself whether I’d rather have them fix it or work on something that actually sells more wine.


This isn’t a great solution, but most of us have a few dummy customers for various reasons. You can (one by one) just move those pending orders over to a dummy Contact to keep them out of sight.

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Actually the solution is to stay in the “New Orders UI”. Apparently in the new UI Pending orders are aggressively hidden, even when you are working in the Contacts section. So the workflow is to go to Store and make sure you are in the new UI and then continue with your day. If you fall back to the old UI for some reason, lather rinse repeat.

From a recent support email when I asked why I couldn’t see my Pendings:

" Thanks for sharing all of those details with me, it appears that you are seeing this through the New Orders UI which hides those pending orders. To be able to see those orders, in your store orders list at the top off to the right you should see an option that says “Back To Old Orders.” If you click that, you will be able to see the pending orders in the contacts profiles that you are having trouble viewing in the New Orders view. The New Orders view is something that the product team rolled out in response to a large number of complaints from many of our ecommerce clients asking to hide pending orders."

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There is a work around. You have to go to the order through the store and go to “payment.” Then manually cancel the order. I brought this to their attention almost two years ago. Now we have over 2000 pending orders. This is a major system flaw that their developing team NEEDS to work on.
However, you certainly cannot see all pending orders through the POS. They become hidden

You can delete pending orders from the POS. You have to go into order manager, select the search icon. In the drop down, you can customize what you are looking for. Under status, make sure you select “pending,” then when you open each order, you just clear the cart. The problem is you have to go into each order individually. I have been trying to find a work around for deleting mass pending orders at one time, but they definitely don’t have this option as of yet.

As @ElJefe mentioned, the solution WineDirect have implemented for this is to hide the Pending Orders from the Contact’s Order List (both on the website and Admin Panel). Your customers should no longer ever see their Pending Orders listed, and Admin Users have to explicitly search for Pending Order status for it to appear. This should reduce the confusions caused by Pending Orders.

We keep Pending Orders in the system because it’s valuable information to have in some context. Our Abandoned Cart emails, notify consumers when they start an order on the website and abandon it. This tool rely on the information stored on a Pending Order to populate the email with the appropriate SKUs. Some wineries will also collect data looking at their Pending Orders to see how many transactions are started and abandoned on the website. In these scenarios, it’s valuable to have Pending Orders saved.

We want to get a better understanding of what problems these Pending Orders are causing you, given that it no longer displays to customers and is fairly hidden in the Admin Panel. Would you mind elaborating on what issues arise in your workflow due to these Pendings?

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:


I did your steps, but then how do I know if I am in the old vs the new?

@carisen I think we all understand keeping Pending orders, but many of us want to be able to delete old ones. If the user base wants to see this ability it should be looked at being rolled out.

One example we have is we have two orders for the same person that was created for a club order, same order twice, the glitch that caused this is a separate issue, but now we want to remove the duplicate pending order and can not do so.

@rons - thanks for the feedback, we found this request on our Idea board and we would recommend upvoting this Idea for the functionality you are describing here:


Myself, I kind of like the old pending orders being around. It was hard to get used to at first - but instead of playing whack-a-mole with them I just leave them there like breadcrumbs that can help my team figure out what’s going on whenever there is a question.

That said, if you really want them to go away you an always re-assign them to a dummy contact and they will be out of sight. If the option to delete them was available I would probably use it rarely.