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In store promos for "pickup" on website

Hi there,

We have in-store promos going on for curbside pick up right now. the problem is that when people order online for pick up, i have no way of applying those promos to just a “pick up” order placed thru the website. because all orders placed thru the website have the order type “website” so i cannot assign promos to a different order type for “pickup”. Any insight on this? am i missing something?


What kind of promo?

20% off current vintages and 30% for wine club members.

Ok, another weird question…how many different SKUs are you offering?

alot! lol about 20.

Any thoughts?

Hey Marisa,

There are not a lot of options at that scale that don’t in some way rely on the honor system. How much do you trust your customers?

I was thinking the same thing lol I will have to determine that.