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Promo code no longer usable on override pricing

We have a special shipping/delivery option that has been working for weeks already and suddenly when the price of any SKU is overridden in the cart, it says unavailable. Any others with this issue? Any recommendations?

Could you post a screenshot of the promo code settings?

Thank you, @EdFarmCollective for your assistance! Here are our screenshots, I’ve included a shot of our error message too.

Thanks for posting. Why are you overriding the prices?

We are doing a very limited sale (for club members only) on several SKUs with no pattern as to the discount percentage. We don’t want it to be public on our website.

Hey Cristy,

More or less, WineDirect can either apply a promo or override a price, but it’s not really designed to do both for a variety of reasons. There may be another way of doing this, though. You mention that all the discounts are somewhat random. Is there a total order price you are trying to offer for each customer? What’s the spirit of the promotion?

These are add-ons for our club shipment that are being processed this week. We’ve set the price based on remaining inventory levels. Plus we are doing a shipping promotion because our tasting room is closed. We don’t and likely won’t be repeating this scenario.

Check yo’ DMs.

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