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Instagram Feed

I see there is a Twitter feed tag, is there an Instagram one?


Would be far more useful than Twitter for us.



I’d also like this feature. We are producing more content more timely for Insta and FB and would love to showcase that feed on the website.

Any function for this yet?

Instagram doesn’t have a built in support for a feed that you can put on a site, but there are third party systems out there that you can register for that help you with that. Some of these systems can give you embed codes which you can add onto Vin65 website templates or pages. I don’t recommend any particular service, but to get you started a few services you can review and look at are called Tilda, Instush and SnapWidget. I can’t guarantee any of these will work but it’s worth it to take a look.

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Think they mean in the Admin Panel.


We’ve integrated Instagram feeds into Vin65 websites, but I agree it would be nice to have this available as a feature in the admin panel. Have developers customize if it gets complicated, but adding in the basic feed would be nice.

Feature request sent!

How did you integrate an Instagram feed on to the WD website? (my template is Avaito)
Was it easy to code?


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I can’t speak to what anyone else has done, but we used Juicer and it was easy for me to embed the code where I wanted on our site. Just signed up through their service (they have a free trial so you can play with embedding and sizing to get it right for you) and they create the code for you. If you want to see how ours looks here is our Visit page where we have embedded the code.