Issue with POS on mobile

Does anybody have this issue trying to use mobile POS, or have a solution? When I try to use mobile POS, at the signature screen I cannot sign, proceed, or cancel.

I have to force exit the app just to get out of this. I have experienced this on both my old iPhone 6 and now iPhone X. I have updated the app several times since this issue began. Unless there is a fix the WineDirect mobile POS app is unusable for me on the phone.

Do you have orientation lock on? I’ve had this problem, but I think you can put it into landscape mode and it will work.

I do not have orientation lock on. Just for funsies I tried it with, and then again without. It will not re-orient to landscape. I don’t have this issue with any other apps.

@danjimerson Sorry you are experiencing this and thanks for bringing it to our attention. I’ll review with the development team on what this could be and circle back with more info shortly. Thanks for your patience and sorry for the difficulties!