POS Crash issues du jour (iOS 11.3)

Ever since the latest update to iOS 11.3, we have been experiencing some rather strange behavior. Attached are comments and screen snapshots.

  1. We get an “No Internet Connection” message after the swipe, just before we add the tip. There is no way to hit the x on the message to attempt the tip again. The transaction appears on the admin panel as “authorized” but there is no way to find continue it on the iPad. I have to either void it on the admin panel, or capture it. We can capture if no tip was left since there is no way to add the tip later anyway. Oh, it was authorized on USAePay portal.

  1. We get random “Cash Drawer Failed” messages. We cannot seem to escape from this situation without crashing and restarting the WineDirect App. You can tap that X to close the message window all you want, but it does not go away.

  1. We get random “System Error” messages. There is a grayed-out button that says “Send Error Report” but there is NO WAY to tap it. We have to crash the app and re-login. You can tap that X to close the message window all you want, but it --still-- does not go away.

  2. AND FINALLY AND MOST IMPORTANTLY! When we go to swipe the card, the app just crashes (goes away and we get just a blank screen). We re-launch and re-login and re-do the whole damned order.

All of these ‘undocumented features’ are seriously inconvenient - especially on a busy Saturday night.

Our gear: iPad mini 2, iDynamo card readers.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

We’ve also been having these issues and need to restart our ipads during an order to get through these issues! I was hoping once WD went Apple only we would avoid all the re-launching.

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We use cDynamo swipers (the ones with the whole cases) and ipad air2’s

I’ve been running into the issue of the readers not charging the ipad when connected, and not reading cards. A reboot of the ipad fixes it, but not a restart of the WD app. It’s happened at least 12 times in the last 2 weeks.

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Whew. Glad we are not the only ones having to reboot.

We get the “No Internet Connection” quite a bit. We have to close the Wine Direct app every time it happens and restart it. It’s quite frustrating on busy days!


Hi @cdjohnston - I am a product manager here at WineDirect and sorry to hear about the frustrating issues you have been having. Version 4.0.6 (release date 11.2.17) is the latest version of the POS iOS app and doesn’t have any known stability issues. A member of our customer service team is working on your service ticket to troubleshoot further so we can determine what hardware/software factors in your setup may be involved.

@SusanTipton - Sorry for all the reboots you are having to go through. If you are having to do this for multiple apps, I would encourage you to verify that your iPad is on the latest iOS version. With your WiFi connection, just tap Settings > General > Software Update.

Also please feel free to submit a ticket so that our client services team can assist further.

That in-app alert was created to notify you when the WiFi connection is weak or lost. Knowing what’s causing that will help you identify appropriate troubleshooting steps. Here are a couple things to look into:

  • Does the symptom occur with more than one Wi-Fi device?
  • If you use a third-party Wi-Fi router, check with the manufacturer to confirm that it has the latest firmware installed.
  • Check your network connections - some networking issues may be caused by loose or disconnected cables.
  • Restart your network devices - powering your modem or router off for a few seconds and then on again may resolve network issues.

Please also feel free to submit a service ticket so our client services team can make a more detailed assessment.

Hello, @Jacob.Powell… This is on your case number “114950”

Well, for what it’s worth, you will note in the Subject that the iOS is 11.3 and the latest revision installed itself overnight. I didn’t know i invited that one. But still, even though today was a ridiculously slow day in the entire village of Idyllwild, we still had issues.

I need to ask why the “X” in the dialog boxes that the app presents does not dismiss the error message, forcing us to crash the app and then re-launch.

Please see the ticket that I have open with support. As of today, we just received a new message “This device may not be supported”. HUH???

This is what my wireless network is all about and this is what you get for having a somewhat retired infrastructure consultant as your winemaker…

“I went through and double-checked the wireless in this building. We are running a Cisco wireless lan controller version with six AIR-CAP3502I-A-K9 running Cisco Clean-Air. The six ap’s are strategically located throughout a 2-story 4,000 sq ft building running with automatic channel conflict advoidance and dynamic power control.”

Distance from the closest AP to the pouring station is about ten feet.

Nothing on the iPads indicate that we have no wireless. I have a constant network monitoring system watching the iPads closely - much to the detriment of the battery life.

These failures come up when the iPad occur randomly - Both when awake and when waking up from sleep mode.

hi Chris - I really hate to say this out loud but with our simple single router no other access point system we are not having these issues. (We DO have issues in the late PM when our foothills internet bogs down because our neighbors are all trying to stream and download movies at the same time.)

You have a very complicated setup by comparison. It could be that you have one very minor looking configuration setting that is actually taking it all down. I can think of these things to try:

  • Turn off one AP at a time and see if the problem goes away.

  • Turn off all APs except the one you need at the pouring station, maybe on a slow Sunday?

  • If you provide a public access wifi, turn that off.

  • On the winemaker’s day off, bring in an outside consultant to double check the network configuration - including the AP placement. (You may be experiencing multi-path fading. You have a lot of RF sources. At these frequencies nulls can be very localized and difficult to characterize.)

Hope this helps - j

Thanks for the thoughts and the advice. I did break out my AirMagnet and everything looks really, really good.

The one thing that annoys me is the application crashes and just goes “poof” - I mean, the screen disappears and we re-launch. This usually happens at swipe o’ the card time.

The application crash has been happening to us as well. I was just getting ready to send a support ticket about it. We also deal with “No Internet Connection” EVERY time we pick up the iPad. Every. Single. Time. It started out of the blue and has gotten increasingly worse. We have no connectivity issues with any other apps on the same devices. We usually have to disconnect wifi then reconnect and it works fine. Sending another support ticket about that on as well.

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Hi @cdjohnston - Apologies for the slow response. Regarding the “X” in the popup warning, it is a symbol to indicate to the user along with the message that the Internet is disconnected. Because the WineDirect POS does not have offline functionality, including saving and synchronizing data, dismissing this status would be counterproductive. Once the iPad reconnects, it will change the “X” to a check mark symbol with the message “Internet Connected.”

Your support ticket is still open and under investigation. Thanks for your patience, while there is only so much we can do to troubleshoot network performance, we will do our best to help you identifying the root cause of issues.

This is exactly what is happening to us. So frustrating when we are busy. iOS 11.3.1
The system just crashes right after the credit card swipe. We have to log back in and nothing is saved in the cart. Any fix in site? We just launched and this is making all staff worried about Wine Direct’s reliability.

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That’s really odd. I got the “Printer Fail” with the X box in the dialog. It never went to a green check box. So, i went to Safari and I could surf the Internet all I wanted.

I keep making a narrative and sharing with Vin65 our problems

I updated our iPad’s to 11.4 and it did not seem to fix the issue. But it did give me the opportunity to completely wipe clean the iPad’s and reinstall only the apps I want and make it so that the units are identically provisioned.

I did learn from support that there is a KNOWN problem starting with 11.3 that iDynamo’s and other lightning port devices no longer work reliably and that there should be a fix by 11.5. So when do you ask? Sometime in July.

SO - moral to the story, don’t update your iPad to 11.3 and do not take the standard “is your iPad current” recommendation from anybody.

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We also upgraded to 11.4. We were told that would fix the crashing issue. Nope. Now, we are told to wait for 11.5. this is not good.

FYI - iOS 11.4.1 came out on Monday; and I updated all of our iPads and it seemed to have fixed ('knock on wood") the problems we were experiencing with cDynamo & iDynamo. We were experiencing charging issues via the credit card swipes; and also the credit card swipes not working during checkout.