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Just upgraded to Pro Plan/More $

No one contacted me to to let me know before switching us. Asked why the change and the response was “you’ll have better support…”
I always have a hard time with customer support… is it me or is everyone having issues with support? Is it worth it to pay the extra money per month and 1% of sales to “have additional support”? They rarely get back to me now so I am skeptical.

Hi @jessievallery - I’m sorry to hear you’ve been dissatisfied with our support in the past. We have been working hard to expand our team and improve our response turnaround times. With the new DTC Pro Plan you will now have access to a dedicated Support Specialist. The new plans also include access to exclusive training sessions (I can email you about those separately) and beyond that, they are more fair and transparent for all. If you use the platform on a limited basis you pay less, and if you use the platform more, you pay a bit more as you grow. This model suits a wider range of winery needs and also helps us reinvest back into the platform to enable the next decade of DTC growth.

Our team has been reaching out to all clients as we gradually transition to the new plans and I apologize if there was a miscommunication. Our intention certainly was not to leave you in the dark. One of my colleagues will be reaching out at the time you requested next week to discuss this further with you and answer any additional questions.