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List Cleaning / Soft Bounces and "unsubscribes"

Hey all! I’m so frustrated with the system marking “soft bounces” in perpetuity. Knowing that a soft bounce could be something as simple as someone’s inbox being full, it would seem that a “soft bounce” wouldn’t be flagged permanently. I have contacts I need to reach out to and I can’t because Send Grid won’t send to them.

ALSO, I have one contact who has been marked as “Unsubscribe.” He insists he never unsubscribed, and there is no way to change this in the system. What needs to be done on this end to allow emails to go out to him again via Send Grid???

Thanks of any help!

You can always rehabilitate an email by putting it through your opt in form on your website. That will put them into single opt in, they will receive your opt in email, then they can click to double opt in. Obviously you should only do this with their permission :wink:

Since you can’t send a blast you’ll have to contact direct one at a time. That might be more effective anyway…


Soft Bounces restriction can be avoided by using the Send Club email tool. If you have an important Club Release email that you need to send to everyone, you will want to use the Send Club Email tool. It works exactly the same as “Send Mass Email” but it will ignore the Email Statuses and send to everyone on the list. This can be found under Store > Club > Send Club Email.

Another way soft bounces gets addressed is if that customer makes a purchase. Once the contact makes a purchase and the Order Confirmation email is opened, the contact’s email status will automatically be updated to Purchaser and you can send marketing material to them. If you are worried that the order confirmation email wouldn’t send, we can confirm that it will still send since it is a System Email. Even though the contact is marked as Soft Bounce.

In regards to the Unsubscribe status, as Jeff mentioned, filling out the Opt In form on their behalf on your website would be the quickest way to address that scenario. This will update their status to Single Opt In and then Double Opt In.

Hope this helps!

Thank you both for the helpful answers. I’ll give these options a shot. :slight_smile:

So if we use the Send Club email tool this will send to all people on a given list regardless of their status? What if their status is Unsubscribe?

I’m pretty sure Send Club gets through Unsubs. Easy enough to test if you want to be sure.

I think you are correct, easiest to make a list that excludes the unsubscribed contacts and then send the email through the Club Email tool

I’m finding my club unsubs just want transactional emails. I send those via club processing or as the usual system emails. Anything else goes via Send Mass which excludes them.