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MailChimp Customer Connect

We’re so excited to announce Customer Connect! The Vintools Customer Connect tool allows you to market to your customers through MailChimp and use the tools you’re familiar with!

Learn more on our website


Every single person on this forum should sign up for this.

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Some big updates are available!

Customer Connect now adds additional attributes to your customer records in MailChimp so you can create segments and market to your customers based off their:

  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Birthdate
  • Lifetime value
  • Total orders placed
  • Last order date
  • Groups or Customer Types they’re assigned to in Commerce7 or WineDirect
  • Clubs they have active memberships for
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No you didn’t!

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#allKamphuisPlatforms :wink:

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I can vouch for this. :+1:

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Just checking in to see if everybody signed up for this. If you still haven’t, and use Mailchimp, you need to.

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We’ve just released a massive overhaul to our Mailchimp for WineDirect integration!

Each customer will have their order history, club memberships, and contact types they’re assigned to in WineDirect as part of their profile in Mailchimp to unlock all new segmentation capabilities!

You can also include featured products in your campaigns and choose specific products for a feature release, let Mailchimp add in your top sellers, or even send recommended products based on a customers order history.

There’s so many new features available available to you in Mailchimp, no setup fees to import your data, and it takes less than 5 minutes of your time to get started!

Visit our website for more information and full product details, or get started now!


I know wineries that have spent $200k building similar functionality. This is beyond killer.

Now, who’s still not signed up?

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When do these cool new features go live for us existing users?

@harry We’re currently in the process of upgrading all existing customers, and we’ll make sure your account is upgrade by Monday

this looks great but… how is this very much different ($600/ year difference) from using list builder to create the same marketing list? Not bashing, just need some clarification. I like Mailchimp.

This automatically pulls in and updates your contacts in Mailchimp and includes useful information like Wine Club status, various measures of purchase history and more. Why that is important is it allows you to use one singular list and segment within it using a combination of WineDirect data and Mailchimp data.

If you are just manually pulling lists and uploading them as separate lists in Mailchimp, then you will be unable to use sophisticated segmenting tools long term. There are ways to do this manually, but this integration is happening in real-time, effectively, which makes it more convenient and more accurate.

It also enables you to do a lot more automated campaigns that will just work while you sleep.


thanks. I like the idea for sure. Just wondering why not, with all their amazing brain power, WD wouldn’t just try to build this functionality into WD and keep everything under one roof. just my two cents. It’s still a nice idea.

@JaredS this is a game-changer. Any plans to support the Promo Code block in MC?

@harry We’d love to support the promo code block, but unfortunately WineDirect does not have a way for us to pull this data at the moment.

Because Mailchimp is the best-in-class market leader in ESPs, with over $600 million in annual revenue, nearly 14 million customers and over 500 employees. WineDirect, for all their talents, are not experts on email and any attempts to provide comparable functionality and power would be futile.

Really, the same reason we all use WineDirect versus building our own CRM/POS/ECOM system from the ground up.

Is an integration in the works for MailChimp feeding info to WineDirect? One feature we like in the Club is being able to see if a customer opened a particular email. Sending through MailChimp does not gives each of us the access to see the results of the email in the customer’s account. Will there be a fix for that in the future?

Speaking as a completely unauthorized WineDirect spokesperson, just based on some inside info:

That functionality is not going to happen any time soon.