Need a Web Designer

I am looking for an amazing recommendation for a Web Designer for both of our wineries. Someone that you have used yourself and love your own website that they have built. We run everything through Wine Direct, so they would need to be familiar with their program and design everything from there. We are located in Carmel California. Thanks a bunch!

Have you checked this out:

Also note that web designers and web developers are often different trades. One will aesthetically design the site and user experience and the other may actually do the building and integration with WineDirect.

It really depends on your goals and budget how you approach this.

@dawn - give us a shout, we can talk through the options with you. We are a small firm, Tin Sheets Consulting - 719-23-7071.

@dawn - we are wine direct gold certified designer with more than 50 website developed on WD platform please view our work
We are based in Adelaide Australia, some of our clients are based in US, we will be happy help you out.