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Off Custom Club Add-on / Upgrade Produce

We would like to offer our custom club members an ‘add-on’ offer of a 6-pack of sparkling with their next club shipment.

How can we manage this within or outside the seasons page without the offer counting within their minimum order? Ie we want them to be able to select their 12 bottles as part of the club but then have an option to ADD a 6-pack of sparkling.

If I include it within the season it will be counted within their 12 bottle shipment & I can’t offer it as a carrot at checkout.

I don’t think there is a way to do it that works like you want, where a user can select 12 bottles from one list, but then can add on a 6-pack of something that doesn’t count towards that minimum.

There are some hacks to kind of make it work, but each involves a compromise. If it were me, I would set up the 6-Pack of Sparkling as a Bundle, where even though there are 6 bottles, it would only count as 1 unit in the User Choice selection. They could still potentially work around your requirements, but it would mitigate how bad it could get.

You could also just really carefully word this requirement in the email and on the selection page and hope they comply.