Shipping Setting for Wine Club Add-on Orders

I’m not sure what other wineries are doing but every time we have a wine club shipment, we offer our members the option to add-on 6 extra bottles of their choosing for free shipping.
Right now, we have a “Pick Up” option that says “Pick Up: ship with my next wine package” so they don’t pay the shipping fee and we know they have placed an add-on order.

What I want to know is if we can simply remove the "Pick Up’ portion. Is there another way we can set this up? It’s very confusing to Wine Club members.


Hi @emily3 - you can edit this by going to Settings > Resource Bundle > Search fo Pickup at > Edit the translation to something else. Keep in mind, this will change your “Pickup at Tasting Room” as well, so make sure go to Settings > Misc > Pickup Location and edit the Pickup Location name and add the word “Pickup” as a prefix. Hope this helps!

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We have a similar issue, and I want to make sure I’m not missing something… If we have a 6 pack club but we allow members to add on with no additional shipping, do we need to go in, add the bottles, re-set the shipping amount back to the original 6-pack calculated, and process the order outside of the batch? If I alter the order but leave it in the batch, will it process correctly?