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Offline Credit Card Sales

How do you handle credit card sales when your Internet goes down? We have a separate “emergency” card scanner that’s connected to the phone system. We had to use it yesterday and it worked perfectly. Now, though, we need to get those sales into Wine Direct somehow.

When we used MS RMS for the POS, we had an “Offline Sales” function that allowed us to enter transactions not made through the POS. I know WD doesn’t have anything similar but there must be a way to handle this.


We’ve only lost internet once, but we logged into the app on our phones and used LTE and it worked perfectly. Granted you have to manually enter the card, but at least it all went into WD. Hope that helps.

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We have a Verizon HotSpot that we keep in a cupboard and plug that in when internet fails and then everything connects to that and everything works as normal. Works like a dream.


Same here. We tether to my iPhone… No receipt printer and no cash drawer, but at least we can sell wine…