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New Department not showing on Reports

I just added new SKUs under a new department in order to track To-Go sales separate from on-site. When I run a Daily Activity Report it shows the new SKUs under the other department. I have checked each SKU individually and they show as being listed in the correct department. Digging further, I found that the Department Code is what is not showing right even though the department code shows up correctly in all of the settings. Any ideas?

Is this using Tock To Go?

No, this is just in our POS. The state of Texas has rules allowing tasting rooms to be open right now IF our revenue for “on-site consumption” is below a certain percentage. So we need to track the “To-Go” sales in their own department. I just ran the same report for yesterday’s sales and it is now showing up correctly. I guess their was just a glitch over the weekend in how the new department was tracking in the system.

Have you considered creating a different Order Type for these specific onsite transactions?

That was my first thought, in order to track inventory properly and not have to duplicate SKUs. However, our staff are often charging on-site consumption and to-go purchases on the same order for a guest in one visit (such as: a guest has a couple of glasses of wine in our tasting room which is considered “on-site consumption” by the state, but also wants to buy a couple of bottles to take home, considered a “to-go purchase” by the state). Therefor, it would be cumbersome to have to switch order types and run 2 separate transactions for the guest. This way streamlines the process for the staff and guest. I just have to do a little manual inventory management on the back end.

That’s your call, but we do two transactions all the time in instances where guests may pay for a tasting and then have us ship wines. I’d probably do a trial with the staff of that first because if you start duplicating SKUs, you’re going to have to deal with the accounting and reporting anomoly forever.