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Our Blog entries are getting Spammed!

Has anyone else out there been hit by “Khalid” and his mover company in INDIA? Of course, I need to move to Bangalore? Or have you had unwanted posts put up by someone else?

It’s easy enough to look at the notifications and delete it immediately, but i suspect this fellow is taking advantage of the SEO prowess of the Vin65 platform and looking to boost his footprint.

Short of disabling all comments on our blog pages, how does the other members of this community manage blog spam?


Do you have captcha on?

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This has been happening to us too!! So annoying.

Yes sir! The Captcha is on.

So this fellow is manually adding them. Sometimes three posts in a blog entry for different areas of India. In one session!

I shut down the reply checkbox in the blog entry for now.

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I have the same issue! I have been meaning to ask my designer if he can remove the “website” field, as I suspect most spammers would not bother if that field weren’t available. If anyone knows if this is possible and how to do it…

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I’ve had quite a lot of issues with spammers on our blog, and after a few months of deleting them as soon as I could, I’ve just disabled comments. I’ve found that people comment more on social media anyways, so I try to encourage that instead.

Would love a better alternative though!

AlexisT - i’ll make sure we put in a “Follow this thread on our FB” with a link. I hate spammers. I do, however, LOVE SPAM! - oooooh - fried SPAM!

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Just curious if anyone ever found a better solution other than disabling comments?