Product review spam

I’m getting quite a bit lately. They seem to be hammering one older vintage.

I’m only mentioning it because they should have to get past one of those captcha thingies and maybe something is broken or something new needs to be done. Or maybe I’m the only one with the issue…

(Curiously, once I made a random throw-away question mandatory on my contact form, I stopped getting any contact spam… maybe it’s a key word or phrase thing the bots are looking for?)

We have been getting a lot too. It was on one particular product (more than 100 reviews) and mostly in Russian. We added the Moderate Review function and now the reviews are hitting other products on other related sites, but at least they hold in limbo until we approve/delete them.

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How do you get rid of a spam review?

Admin Panel - Store/Products/ManageReviews - Delete from there

I’m deleting 2 or 3 a day right now, and if I don’t get them right away I get even more because they sense inattention I guess.

Feature request submitted: Be able to selectively disable product reviews on a per product basis. For extra credit, put the text explaining reviews are disabled into the Resource Bundle so I can tailor the explanation and invite them to contact us. Thanks!

Lest anyone thinks this has gone away, I’m still deleting on a daily basis.

It’s galling to think that these people are stealing benefit from from our toil.

We had one product get targeted that had been on our site for over 12 months.

The products they are targeting are from the 2010 vintage, white wines that have been on there at least 5 or 6 years.

Well, my daily spam has moved from erectile dysfunction in Russian, to free porn sites.

And I can’t post a blog and enable comments any more. Within minutes of posting there is a rush of spam comments that continues unabated until I disable them completely.


Hey guys, we know this is happening across the platform today. We’re working on a fix. Hopefully, that fix involves google’s newest recaptcha solution (are you a robot?).

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Thanks for your patience, we’ve implemented a fix:

Is this fix still available? I’m getting crushed with spam reviews. 76 today.

Hi @geoff1- sorry to hear about the overload of spam! We do have a solution for this: turning on reCaptcha for reviews. Here is the documentation on it, with instructions to set it up:

If you are still experiencing issues, I encourage you to email to our team can take a deeper look into your specific website settings.