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Spam newsletter signup and contact form

Anyone else getting spammed on the newsletter signup and contact forms? Added google recaptcha but still getting alot! reported to support already but waiting a response back…

Yes, we get 1-2 spam forms every week.I am not sure how the spammers do this with captcha activated!

The recaptcha would only stop a computer program, right? Is there any chance it’s just a real person in a sad spam sweat shop mass copying & pasting a spam message about selling essays? We get a few of those on the blog every week, and some on the contact us form. The blog comments have dropped off since I auto delete them though, I’m wondering if they monitor where they actually get traffic from and adjust their efforts or something…

Yes! We’ve been getting tons over the past few weeks and it’s driving me nuts. We have Google Recaptcha and it doesn’t seem to be helping. I don’t know what else to do.

We are receiving more and more everyday. 12 Contact Us spam overnight! Any suggestions on how to stop (other than turning off Contact Us)?

We were getting 15-20 spam signups a day, even with reCaptcha. It has dropped back to 1 - 2 a week now, so I guess they got bored and moved on! I asked support about the issue but there wasn’t much more that could be done, other than wait for the spammers to get bored and move on.

Just came to say yes, this is increasing for us at an alarming rate.

OK, so what I do is ask a whimsical required question. It seems to slow them down, though a few do still get through. If you need a suggestion, “what is your favorite color?” is a good start.

(If you’re interested, by far the most common answer is “BMW” even though our question has nothing to do with motor vehicles.)


I just say “BMW” in conversation too, ya know, to convey status and whatnot.


Did anyone get an answer from WineDirect on how to stop the spam on contact us forms? I’m ready to just take down the web page. It’s getting to be 50-1 spam to actual person. I don’t see a response from WineDirect on this thread.

mine just stopped one day now i only get 1 every now and again… did you add the recaptcha?

How do you add the question to the form? I’m trying to find a way to slow down our spam.

@melissa Have you turned on recaptcha on the form yet?

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