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Pictures Not Appearing in Sent Emails

Here is my bi-weekly post about emails.
We use Vin65 exclusively and generally sing its praises to anyone who asks. However, for months now, I cannot get pictures that I upload into our newsletter template to appear in the sent email in Gmail (yahoo, outlook have come through fine…I haven’t checked others).
This is a Vin65 created and never modified by a designer template. (the really like to throw 3rd party designers under the bus so that’s an important point.
Last month, per Support, it was that file names cannot have periods, only underscores. This month, I have all single word no space, underscore, period, anything, and NO pictures will come through except one (that is in no way different than any other file name).
I want to be able to send out at least mildly professional looking emails to our customers. I also want it to be in the same system as our customer database, as we love to be able to see what people have received/opened while we are in their file.
If anyone has any insights on this, I’d love to hear it.

Assuming it has nothing to do with the file names, it may have something to do with Gmail’s centralized caching system.

Basically, if you send an email out, Gmail is going to scrape all of the assets of that first email it received and store them on the server. Then, for everybody else that received the same email, they will serve the assets from their own server so it’s nice and secure and fast. That’s how they get away displaying images by default. Sadly, it sometimes screws up your images, changes the color profile or compresses them behind taste.

Would you be able to post the email or the HTML here and we can figure it out. There are a lot of variables to go through.

I had her send me a test. Turns out there were spaces in the pathname, not the filename.

It would be a kindness if vin65 would reject spaces in folder names on the server. @zach


Also having an issue with missing images in my sent test emails. How can I check/correct the image path? I’ve made sure that the filenames contain no spaces.

Make sure that if you are putting them in folder directories on the server that the folder names don’t have spaces either.