Email Content Photo Resolution Blurry

Is anyone else having issues with the quality of photos uploaded to an email? Specifically when it’s a content photo that you cannot opt out of having? I’ve double and triple checked the resolution, changed the size, file type etc. as well as tried different photos and the photos are all almost too blurry to use. For this particular template it doesn’t give you the option to a. not use a photo at all or b. upload a photo from an outside source like Flickr.

Hey Lauren, could you post a screenshot or link to what you are describing?

There is a weird bug with the WYSIWYG editor WineDirect currently uses where if you upload an image to their server, and then resize the photo in HTML, it will actually resize the image asset itself on the server. There is a workaround, but I’d need to see what you’re dealing with.

This “feature image” is required and no matter the format, size, etc. it messes with the resolution. For this specific image upload, it doesn’t have you upload the photo onto the Winedirect server, it retrieves it from your computer. The content photos I’m able to upload to Winedirect from either a computer or something like Flickr so the resolution isn’t an issue for those.

I see it says it must be 660px wide and 250px wide. Have you tried uploading an image that is exactly those dimensions?

Yes. I’ve tried multiple photos in those dimensions in different formats as well.

Lauren M Rutherford

Can you post a screenshot of what it looks like in the email after you’ve added it?

Can you download the image as it appears in the email (where it is blurry and pixelated) and attach it here. I want to see what it’s doing to it.

I have this same issue. I’ve tried everything. The images are too blurry to use once inserted in to the email template

I have the same problem!

Hey Lauren, yes, I used to have that issue. It seemed like it was inconsistent, but still made everything look terrible. What I do to avoid that issue is that I no longer save any images on the WineDirect server thing. I save all my images to my Mailchimp account and then use the url image links from that source and all the images look great.

Yes! I have found that works for like content images within an email but it doesn’t work for the required images. For example on an email when it makes you choose a logo or header image for example it doesn’t let you insert the url. Have you found a way around that or experienced that?

Lauren M Rutherford

Hi Lauren. No I haven’t experienced that issue. Although the product images for the wine bottles do seem to also be a low resolution, I have noticed that. Perhaps a bunch of these things will be corrected with the new upcoming “major updates”.