Pods Footer

Hello, I wanted to restore/add the footer to all our pages. I tried to go back and restore the Footer Pods and make them active, it did not work. I tried to go through Website Editor> Header & Footer. It won’t work. I called Wine Direct and they sent me the documentation which I had read and some designer recommendations. Does anyone know how/why the pods won’t work? I just want to put an address, phone number, email and some social links on the bottom. If I look at our site through a web inspector, it’s all there, just not showing. What am I missing? Appreciate any direction.

Hi Marissa, what is your site? What do you mean by pods, what did your footer look like prior, and what did you do to cause them to disappear?


And I do not know, they were taken off by previous team…

In our template, it has pods for footer content - I found them as inactive tried to make active. It didn’t propagate like I thought it would. Even now, editing the homepage directly from content editor is not possible. The edits do not take. My only option is to use components as forms or photo galleries. That’s all that work. I would take any tips…

You may want to reach out to the developer who helped you with the site initially.