POS running very slow

POS has and is still running very slow in Australia.
Anyone else having issues.

Our POS seems to be okay (knock on wood), but in Admin, we are unable to save notes. I have logged out and logged back in numerous times. I have also left a message for Tech support.
This was an ongoing issue that we dealt with most of last week.

Starting to be a bit of a nuisance…

As luck has it, our Visitor’s Center just called and their POS is very, very slow. :frowning:

Hi @leokiosses - Thanks for reaching out. Our engineering team is actively working to resolve the system slowness. We’re really sorry for any inconvenience this is causing our customers in Australia.

Our system was really slow all weekend. It would freeze up after every transaction and spinning wheels. I checked this morning and there was a Apple update. I made sure my apps were all updated to. Hopefully that will help. You should check to make sure your updates are current as this will cause problems in your pos.

Our’s is very slow also, to get past the log-in page takes so long, and then waiting for items to load into the cart is even longer.

Same here. Customer transactions take a long time

Hi @Pete1 @franklandestate @BumgarnerWinery @knewman @Leokiosses1 - Happy to share that POS system performance issues in Australia are fully resolved. Response times should be back to normal, but please do reach out to support@winedirect.com if you have further issues!

Thanks Carly. Yes, things ran very smoothly over the weekend, but the wheels seem to have fallen off again today. Trying to export POS End of Day report, and watching the spinning worm of doom.

Hey Pete, sorry to hear about your issues!

We’re implementing some reliability improvements for Enhanced Reports soon, but please let me know if you guys encounter more issues with Reports not generating.