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Printer & Cash Drawer Connectivity Issues

Does anyone have a solution for connectivity issues with the cash drawer and printer. Ours seem to disconnect randomly multiple times a day.


What kind of network equipment are you rocking?

We have the Vin65 recommended printer and cash drawer, but as to the network I honestly have no clue. Do you have recommendations?

Well, I’m presuming you have a network-attached printer/drawer setup and the first thing Vin65 is going to question is the integrity of your network. So if you know what kind of router, switch and wireless access points you’re using, that’s a good start.

Our biggest issue with cash/printer connectivity is having more than one wifi network in the air. iPads are very promiscuous in selecting networks and will sleep with, er, change networks on a whim if they have the password.

To solve this, and some other event issues I am having, I am implementing a new store policy where the iPads will only have one known network at any time. Opening procedure will require checking which network is currently attached and verifying only one wifi is “known”.

If there is a need to use a backup network - which happens often enough - the main network is to be “forgotten” and the iPad connected to the backup. And the process reversed when the main comes back online.

Go into your iPad Settings and tap Wifi and see how many networks are listed as available, and see how many you can connect to without entering a password. If there is more than one that could be your problem.

Thanks Jeff and Ed. We’ve switched to a separate network that has less traffic. Fingers crossed that this works.

Make sure that is the only network your iPads know how to connect to.

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That’s what we have done and everything has been going well this past week.

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That does it… I guess I have to write a white paper…

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You posted this a few years ago. Did you ever recover? IF so, what did you do?