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iDynamo failures after a couple orders

Hi guys. Over the last couple months we have been experiencing a LOT of problems with our iPad POS machines.

  1. The iPad goes to sleep. You tap the home button to resume, but the printer (and therefore) the cash register are unavailable. If you tap “open cash drawer” the app locks up and you must crash and restart.

  2. Again, the iPad goes to sleep, and sometimes it does not go to sleep. But you are working the sale with the customer. If you do not MAKE ABSOULTELY sure you see the “open cash drawer”, and click print receipt, it will try to airprint to the network printer.

(The above to related???)
3) Third problem is the iDynamo reader disconnects after every two to three swipes. We have to “reload POS” with the iDynamo removed and insert it as the page is reloading. This becomes a real problem and a very big delay closing a transaction.

Does anybody else see this behavior as an issue?

SAME. Our iDynamo continues to fail numerous times throughout the day which is very frustrating because we too loose our cash drawer and need to reconnect to the correct device printer so it doesn’t try to airprint to our network printer. Many crashes in the middle of transactions.

Removing the app and reloading POS with iDynamo removed (which by the way is very difficult to do with the enclosure) is a complete pain and the lightening charge often is not charging the ipad after you do this. I’d like to this this issue escalated. Especially since it has been a YEAR since you first identified the issue.

This is an issue that has been going on for much longer than a year. It has to do with the way iOS disconnects lightning accessories when locked, and is probably the reason Wine Direct is moving away from lightning-based swipers?

See this thread from June 2019: Magtek iPad Swiper - not reading cards

Thanks for the response,RMcGuire… I am familiar with the lockout of the lightning accessory when it goes to sleep… We encountered that problem when we mistakenly updated our iPads way back when. So, tech support had us set our sleep delay longer. Well, we are now setting our sleep time to never. Yes, we have to rotate iPads out during the day to recharge, but it used to keep us from having to crash the application to restart.

The worst of it is the loss of the printer. Losing the printer loses the cash drawer. Have to save the transaction, reload the app and reconnect the printer. Annoying as heck…

And, for what it’s worth, as we are getting busier and busier again, this happens several times a day, and we are only open noon to 7PM…