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iDynamo failures after a couple orders

Hi guys. Over the last couple months we have been experiencing a LOT of problems with our iPad POS machines.

  1. The iPad goes to sleep. You tap the home button to resume, but the printer (and therefore) the cash register are unavailable. If you tap “open cash drawer” the app locks up and you must crash and restart.

  2. Again, the iPad goes to sleep, and sometimes it does not go to sleep. But you are working the sale with the customer. If you do not MAKE ABSOULTELY sure you see the “open cash drawer”, and click print receipt, it will try to airprint to the network printer.

(The above to related???)
3) Third problem is the iDynamo reader disconnects after every two to three swipes. We have to “reload POS” with the iDynamo removed and insert it as the page is reloading. This becomes a real problem and a very big delay closing a transaction.

Does anybody else see this behavior as an issue?