Reconciling daily sales to external payment system

We use an external payment provider for credit and debit transactions which does not link to Wine Direct. This requires staff to manually enter the transaction amount into the payment device and separately complete the order in Wine Direct. We continually have discrepancies between sales and payments taken (mostly transactions not being entered or completed in Wine Direct).

It would be ideal if the staff could do their own checks at the end of their shift and enter any missed transactions but there doesn’t appear to be a POS function or report for this. Just wondering how other wineries manage this?

The system isn’t really designed for that use-case and I suspect trying to jam it into the functionality would yield inconsistent and dissatisfying results.

I also had this issue. I ended up using the ‘Payment Type Detail’ report to see a list of transactions in WineDirect. From here, I just manually crossed checked the payments and entered any missed transactions. Hope that helps.

Yes that is what I currently do however its always after the fact which makes it more difficult to follow up with the employee and accurately enter the sale