Can I please have an answer to my question posted 6 days ago - see below

At the end of the weekend we need our cellar door staff (with basic admin login) to run a cash sales report. However if you go to “ Order Manager” it lists all the sales as POS sales even if they are cash sales. In Order Manager you have to open up the details for each individual sale to see the “ Payment Type” before you can identify whether it was cash… This is not feasible as it would take too long.

I understand that as a domain administrator we can go to the Admin Panel to generate a report for cash sales but I don’t want our cellar staff reviewing all the sales information or having Admin access.

Can you please advise whether Order Manager can be modified so that we you look at the summary in “List Orders” and you can see which were the cash sales (even if you then have to add them up)? Or is there a way this report can be run in "Order Manager with basic admin access?

I hope this makes sense.

There aren’t any filters for order manager to separate out cash sales. Our best recommendation here is to add your tasting room staff as a Basic Admin and give them limited permissions. All you need to give them permissions to are Dashboard, Reports and Sales.

Hi Carisen,

Thanks for your response. The only options I have for cellar staff are Domain Admin or Basic Admin.

How do I give them limited permission to the Dashboard, Reports and Sales?


Hi Jillian,

There should be a a security section just below it. Hit Edit and you can determine the Permissions.


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Hi Carisen

Just wondering if there have been any reporting improvements to Jillian’s question - i.e. how can basic admin users access cash sales reports without having to go through reports? I.e. it would be great if our cellar door staff could recognise cash sales via order manager instead of having greater access to the admin panel. Is there a way the sales can be recognised as cash in particular rather than POS?