Replacement for iPad Air with cDynamo?

With both the cDynamo and the iPad Air 2 being discontinued, what are you all using for POS machines? Most of our cDynamo cases are starting to fall apart.

We loved the all-in-one feature of the cDynamo, and absolutely hate the iDynamo. Our staff is really hard on iPads.

Is our only option to get the newest iPads and buy tons of iDynamos to have for when they inevitably break?

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Curious to see what equipment you are using now that some time has passed?

We have broken 12 iDynamos this year and are getting pretty tired of them. It is difficult to find iPad cases that allow the iDynamo support bracket.

Thanks in advance.

I was able to snag a bunch of refurb cDynamos just as they were being discontinued.

Just this last week I ran out and put some iDynamos on naked iPads. It’s a terrible solution, the iPad is going to get destroyed, the reader is flimsy and going to break.

Wine Direct’s Official Solution is to use the standalone Move/5000 reader.

For us, it’s a no-go, there’s no way we can keep 10-15 of these things paired properly with the correct iPad. And our staff already has armfuls of stuff brought to every table, the last thing they need is another brick to carry. And keeping everything charged will require another insane charging station. I bought one to try out and the interface is slow, and funky.

Thanks for the update!

I’ve been talking to the folks over at Vault Enclosures and they are confident in their iDynamo solution. I’ll report back when we test some of these.


We just bought new Ipad air and the iDynamo port is not compatible with it. The only option I am told is to get the EMV units which we loathe. I’m trying to use the Camera Credit Card capture button as a payment method and works 1/2 the time. Anyone have an answer to this? We can’t keep using Manual Credit Card.