iPad case/swipe for WineDirect?

Does anyone have advice/recommendations for how to incorporate a swiping device with their iPad setup? Obviously, SQUARE is not used, but I was looking for something as similarly neat and easy-to-use as well as protective. Thank you!

The best solution at this time is the Magtek cDynamo, paired with a stand or bracket.

The cDynamo is a ipad case with a built-in credit card reader. It’s pretty decent.

BUT…I wouldn’t buy one right now! According to this morning’s CEO email, there’s a new reader with EMV and contactless payments integrated, coming this summer. My educated guess is that it will be the Magtek kDynamo. I’d wait until those are released before dropping $250 on a cDynamo.

They’re actually Ingenico Move/5000 and they will require a new gateway. I have one and we’ve been testing it and it works well, but it’s not the small, sleek Square-style reader.

awww…i had heard rumors it was the kDynamo. Darn! We tested the old iPayment EMV reader, and the separate reader was awful. We have 10-12 iPads going at our bar at once and there is no way we could keep the readers straight!

Thanks for the response! Would you mind forwarding that email? info@stuhlmullervineyards.com

At the start of 2020, we could never have imagined how dramatically our world was going to change. Now, as our communities begin to re-open, I want to assure you that all of us at WineDirect remain committed to providing you with the best service and platform available so that you can sustain and grow your direct-to-consumer sales.

Our 250-person team of full-stack engineers, client success representatives, operations experts and DTC processionals have been hard at work creating innovative solutions and building new tools so that your customers can continue to enjoy a seamless, modern wine-buying experience.

So far this year, we’ve released a host of new features including the first phase of our ecommerce platform upgrade, wine club enhancements, a brand new ecommerce support experience and a wide range of summer shipping options to keep orders flowing through the hot weather.

Plus, we’ve fast-tracked a contactless payment solution with our new mobile EMV reader that supports chip cards, tap-to-pay and mobile wallets, to be ready when tasting rooms open up this summer.

In addition to new technology, we are proud to be the first in the industry to fully offset carbon emissions for our clients’ DTC shipments. This has never been more relevant than today, as soaring ecommerce sales have led to record-breaking DTC shipment volume this spring.

Safety has always been a priority at WineDirect and over the past few months we have taken additional steps to protect our team and our customers. For those on our fulfillment operations teams, this includes face masks, enhanced sanitation practices and social distancing.

In addition to directly serving your business, we are also committed to giving back to our community. Over the past few years, we have made ongoing donations to wildfire disaster relief as well as more recent support for those impacted by Covid-19. We are a proud partner of WorldReader, a non-profit organization creating unprecedented access to free digital books around the globe.

Finally, we greatly appreciate your business, especially in these extraordinary times. We look forward to working with you in the coming months to drive continued growth for our industry with new customers, many of whom are discovering how to buy wine online for the first time.

With best regards,


I am a beta tester for the new EMV terminals, and not super stoked on them. They aren’t working great, kind of clunky, and you have to have a dedicated terminal for each tablet. Also - a biggie for our tasting room associates - customers have to enter a tip amount. I have suggested tip amounts that come up on the sign screen in Wine Direct, but the EMV terminal just shows $0 tip and the customer must enter an amount. That’s not cool.


Agreed. Separate EMV terminals are a complete no-go for us. It defeats the utility of having mobile iPads.

Still not sure why the kDynamo wasn’t used! It seems like a perfect fit!

Because it’s probably supported by the gateway that WineDirect Payments uses.