Report for unpicked up club shipments

I didn’t work much with the old reports because another person in or organization set up some, but I think I might be really please with the new ones.

Could some one tell me how to print a report for unpicked up club shipments by pickup location?

I was playing with orders by ship/pickup date under sales. But I need a filter for pickup location.

There is a column for pickup location, but I can’t find it in the filters. Any advice?


I think I figured it out. Used a sales report and sorted by shipping status “not picked up” and order type “club order” and order status “completed”.

There doesn’t seem to be a way to filter by pickup location, but that is easy to do in Excel.



I know that I keep answering my own question, but the really quick way to find that information is to click on the Alert on the dashboard that says:

You have X orders that have not been picked up.

Nice Vin65. I find more and more as I explore Vin65. :slight_smile:

Very good point. Get in and click around. Turn on all the filters in the new Reports. Generate every report. Read every dropdown. You’ll learn a lot.

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This is true, but there’s no way to export it or print it

@mhunt - if you need this report to print, you can generate one with the Orders by Ship/Pickup Date with the following filters settings: WineDirect_Admin_Panel

The pickup location has to be sorted in Excel.

We have also made some updates to our Orders filter (now includes Pickup Locations) and you can now print this way:

This will print a page per order and will not be in a Sales Report format.

Hope this helps!

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Even better would be to have the option to filter by this in list builder so you could easily email a reminder everyone that still needs to pickup their wines. Currently, using the dashboard ‘Orders to be picked up’ selecting all on the page, email action, and then do that page by page. It would cut that time down to just minutes if it were in list builder.

Yes, Nicole, having that in list builder would be really helpful.

Is there a way for me to add SKU’s to that report, so I can see how many bottles of each wine I need to fulfill it all?

edit: nevermind, figured it out.