Is anyone else having trouble with reports lately? Some reports seem fine, but for many of them, the screen seems to freeze or fail to respond to anything I click. One of the biggest issues is with the calendar. Another is with selecting a specific SKU from the filters. I wait and wait for the screen to respond to my clicks. Eventually it comes it comes to life and works as expected.

Sorry to hear about your issues @vicky. Do you mind giving some additional information so we can check our logs for any corresponding issues? These details help us figure out where to look first:

  1. The type/s of report you’re having trouble with.
  2. The browser you’re using to access the report.

I would like to get more information about your issues with the calendar. Do you mind if we got in touch with you via email to dig deeper?

Again, apologies for any disruptions. We do have some overdue infrastructure upgrades in the pipeline slated for early next year that should improve Reports performance across the board.


Nico, it’s hard to remember the details after the fact, so I am going to start sending specifics as they happen (at least for a while; I promise I won’t continue forever!).

Just tried to run Order Detail month to date and had to hit export twice to get the report to download.


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I’ve sent you a couple of specifics and realized I didn’t mention the browser. I use Chrome.