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Sales Summary by Product Report not exporting to Excel

Is anyone else having problems exporting reports to excel? I am trying to export a product report but it isn’t loading. I have tried on explorer and chrome and other colleagues are having the same issue.
Please let me know if this is happening to anyone else.

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I haven’t been able to export Sales reports and financial reports for 3 days now!
VERY frustrating when trying to report to Directors of the business. Not happy!

We haven’t been able to export a report since Saturday. Lodging a support email now.

Is it not loading or is it giving you the “try again later” message?

I’m have the same issue with my reports. My saved reports either disappear, no reports show up, or it crashes and goes back to the login screen. All of the other features seem to be working.

I am also experiencing the same as Jocelyn

What browser and operating system are y’all using?

I’ve tried it in both Chrome and Safari, but neither browser works. Safari kicks me back out to the sign in page.

I had some issues with the reports partially loading this morning, but everything seems to be working for me now.

Yes. My bookkeeper and I are having the same issues!! Has there been a fix implemented yet? I agree. Very Frustrating!