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Sales Detail for Customer

I’ve searched and searched, and I’m totally amazed that it seems there is no way to run a report for sales DETAIL history for a single customer? Without running the entire thing and kicking it out to excel? Can that be true? How hard would it be to add a filter for customer ?

I believe you can search the CONTACTS for the member name, and then once you pull up the member profile you will see all orders that member has placed as long as the TR staff logged the sale to that member or the person bought online after logging in.

This is true, but it does not show detail. It shows orders, and you have to click each one to see the detail. That’s not helpful at all really, but thanks for trying to help me!. Very frustrated.

@mhunt Sorry for the current limitations! A filter for Customer Number or Customer Name in our Sales Reports would technically be possible. I am curious for why you would need this report and would like to get a good understanding for the different scenarios where you would need it. What task(s) are you trying to perform where you would need a sales report for an individual customer? The report will generate a spreadsheet document listing orders for one customer. What do you plan on doing with this spreadsheet? Are we looking to print and show it to the customer? Is it internal use only?

Would love to hear your thoughts on this as we provide the feedback to our team :slight_smile:

@carisen - it’s actually for recording samples sold for tastings, flights and BTG. The best way I could find to record samples easily is to create club called Samples, with a Promo Code of 100% discount that applies to customers in that club only. I’ve created 3 customers who belong to that club - winery tastes (bottles opened for traditional tastings at our napa winery location) and BTG tastes and Flight tastes, for bottles opened at our 2nd location in So Cal which mainly pours flights and BTG pours. Our TR staff “sells” those bottles each night to the appropriate customer and they’re out at 100%. I need to run numbers for - example - Glasses Cab sold BTG vs how many bottles did we use on X Day? Theoretically, at 5 x 5 oz pours per bottle, for 25 glasses of Cab sold we should have 5-6 sample bottles used. I cannot find a way to run a report for just those customers, the 3 sample customers. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.

@carisen - also, just being able to run a detail for a particular club would be helpful in this. I’m not sure why there’s not a “by customer” or “by club” filter - if it is technically possibly (which I know it is)

Thanks for your insights! It sounds like the underlying need is for a workflow to handle Samples, Pours and BTG and keep track of the # of times they are done. You use this information to determine how many bottles should have been depleted from Inventory.

Currently, you have “Contacts” set up to record Samples, Pours and BTG and a Promo for 100% off to checkout the bottle for free. So, in this setup, an additional Contact filter to the sales reports and then doing some math would do the trick.

I will add these additional context to the feature request for our Product team. We have a better understanding of the problem you are looking to solve and will look to create a solution accordingly. We appreciate the feedback!

I would use this to create order histories for people and to create a list of the wines we owe a customer.

Agree with mhunt, would love by club filters! Also a “by customer” or “by customer type” filter would be excellent to see for ex what “winery staff” have purchased over the season individually or on a whole when assessing benefits/staff discount offering.

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Interesting! Do you mind elaborating on when you would need to create Order History report for a customer? Is this part of your regular workflow or just something you may need to do once in a while? Is this for internal use or for the customer to see?

About the wines you owe, do you mean processed Club or Website orders which have not been picked up? If so, let’s say Customer X comes to the tasting room to pick up wines owed. When do you plan on generating the report? How do you envision the workflow to look like?

Thanks for your feedback!

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The same can be accomplished with a contact type instead of a club, my setup is the same as yours except for that one difference. I do also use Sales Attributes to distinguish the reasons like Tasting Samples, Broken Bottles, etc.

These are any combination of club orders not picked up, barrel tasting wine futures, web orders, etc. We haven’t historically put a lot of pressure on customers to pick up right away, so we will commonly have customers who are owed 12-24 bottles of wine total from a multitude of orders. Pulling one report filtered by Customer and Shipping Status would give me everything I need, and much better than trying to reference 7 different individual orders for example.

This wouldn’t be a daily use, but I can imagine using this 2 - 3 times a week. I would consider this to be used internally, but there’s no problem with a customer laying eyes on a report like this, it’s their order history.

Common use would be that I receive an email where a customer mentions they will come by the winery, I create the report of everything not picked up, and give it to somebody to pull together and have ready for the customer’s visit. Or the customer has just walked in the door and it’s been a while, print the report and get it ready. I for one would find this filter quite useful.

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What @danjimerson said about multiple pickups. I can’t really believe I’ve never thought of this, been years of plowing through multiple orders one at a time to build the list. This would sure save a lot of trouble and reduce errors.

Since this topic began I have paid closer attention to this idea - I would use this report even more than I originally had thought. Please consider it!

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Hello, it’s been a year since this discussion, is there any feedback from WD staff on this? I find myself again today needing to run a sales detail for a wholesale customer and am unable to do this without creating a gigantic excel sheet. so frustrating!

It has been a year since this original discussion; is there any update from your side on this? Today I find myself needing a detailed sales report (by item, by customer) for a wholesale customer and cannot do it without pushing out a huge excel sheet. frustrating! thanks!

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I have a customer that would like me to send him a list of who he sent wine to last year so he can look it over and decide who to send and who to add.