Sales Reports Running very slow - every morning

Running a simple sales transaction report each morning takes a total of around 10 minutes. Its for a day’s sales. Have to log in (1 minute), attempt 1 to run report (5-7 minutes) and does nothing other than the circle of doom, log out, and log back in (another minute), run report again 30 sec. This happens every morning and always the sales reports - very frustrating. I don’t want to schedule a report for just one day’s sales - surely system can handle one day’s sales…
Please help.

Which report are you running?

Sales, “Order Details”

Hi Mandy,

I would be more than happy to help you, would you mind submitting a ticket to and asking for Tyler in the ticket and I will be sure to grab it and take a look into the matter further for you. Could you also be sure to include information about filter utilization and other parameters you are using to run this report.

Ask for Ty.