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Wait Message?

Just trying to run an orders by customer for 1 customer for 1 month… Wait 3 minutes? Is this new?

I haven’t seen this one before, but I suppose it’s better than it just timing out and throwing a fatal error!

@Jan.Carter, explain this new feature for us, please.

Feature Request: Please add seconds.



I’m having this same issue. What’s the point of this report, if it never runs? I’ve been trying for 2 days.

I’m not sure what’s worse, that WineDirect refuses to acknowledge this or that they don’t even monitor their own community forums.

C’mon, WineDirect, you’re better than this.

Hi everyone, sorry for the delay in our response and the difficulties this limitation is creating. We know that this is not ideal but we needed to implement some rate limit for to ensure platform stability. Longer term, we are looking at a more permanent solution. We should be getting rid of this limit/message soon, or at least relaxing it, and I’ll be sure to update everyone when the time comes.

Reports should still work and you should still be able to generate them as needed. If you are unable to generate a report at all, it’s likely a different issue unrelated to this rate limiting. We’d recommend reaching out to our support team and we can help troubleshoot why your reports are failing to generate.

Thanks for your understanding and sorry for the current limitations