Scheduled Reports

I have the daily activity report scheduled to be sent to me daily. For the last month it was sent 9 out of 10 days. For the last week, no reports at all. I deleted the scheduled report and scheduled it again, and no fix. Anyone else have this problem? While we’re on this subject, does anyone else wish to be able to schedule a report to be sent to someone else who is not so WD savvy? I set up a report to be sent to the owner and realized she has to schedule it on her side. It won’t let me subscribe for her. As a developer status in WD I would think I could design reports and schedule them to be sent to the appropriate people who need them.

Yes, I am having the same issue with the Daily activity report. I haven’t received one for at least the past 5 days.

Thanks for your input Tom. I’m going to put in a support ticket.

Thanks for submitting the ticket; we are working on it and will reach out with a solution shortly. Sorry for the difficulties and thanks for your patience.

We are having the same problem! I haven’t figured it out yet.

I set up several scheduled reports for EOM which worked until last month when I wasn’t emailed. I contacted WineDirect and the reports were scheduled correctly, but didn’t email. I also have a weekly report which only skipped this week. Something is definitely wrong with their scheduled reporting

Hi everyone,

Our team has found and addressed the issue causing the Scheduled Email to bounce. There was an issue with the format of our Send From Email Address and it’s causing errors with some email servers. We have corrected this format and the adjustment will be made “live” shortly. You should see the Scheduled Report emails again then.

Sorry for the difficulties and thanks for your understanding!

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how do i set up a daily report?

Hello Nadine,
Assuming you already know what report you want to have sent to you, ie., I have daily activity report sent to me. Format the report date to “yesterday”. Once you have finished, I personally rename that report so no one changes the report parameters. Then on the upper right dropdown it says Actions>Schedule. Fill out the info to have it sent to you. It will be in your inbox in the morning. FYI, you can’t set up a report to send to someone else or any other email than your email associated with your WD login.

Thanks Carisen, much thanks on how quickly you all worked on this.

i was successful at that…i see i can only sign myself up for that report. so I logged in as my business partner to have her receive it as well, but only one person can receive that report…? that seems silly. how can we discuss it when only one gets it?

Nadine, I’m not sure about this but try this. Set up the same exact report again but in actions rename it to something else, then schedule that one to send to your business partner. Should be the same report just named different. See if that works. You can schedule up to 10 reports I believe. Good luck!