Scheduling and clock-in/clock out for employees

Our old software allowed our tasting room manager to schedule our employee, send out automatic emails for their approval, and record clock-in and clock out giving us reports that could then be put into Quickbooks for paychecks as well into our bonus program spreadsheet based on the percentage of hours they worked.

So, does anyone use a software app that does scheduling as well as recording of hours for employees?

Thank you for your help. We are new to Vin65.


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I currently use Uattend and am not entirely happy with it, but it does do the basic job of recording hours and meeting the requirement to record lunch breaks etc. Works on any browser and they have a VERY basic app for tablets/phones.

I’ve seen many recommendations for Homebase, I intend to check it out sometime soon:

I use Homebase and we love it. I don’t use many of the features, though they seem to be robust.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I think that we will check out the Homebase first.

I will be evaluating “When I Work” for Scheduling, Time and Attendance, Tip management etc…

It would be great if it was all in Winedirect though. :slight_smile:

We had started to use Homebase but that did not work as well as hoped. But it has been over a year since we last looked at it.

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We use When I Work. Holler if you have any specific questions.

I agree, WineDirect POS should have this built into its system considering the number of POS users it allows.

A day late here - but you can always use Harvest - even named well.