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Second custom product drilldown?

Hi, I’d like to add a third Product Drilldown template to our website specifically for non-wine merchandise. I have the HTML ready to go and uploaded via ftp. I’m a developer who’s familiar with Vin65, so the basic process of uploading, parsing, assigning is familiar to me.

But I’m unsure how to implement what I want because there doesn’t appear to be an option to add another Product Drilldown template, either
A) through Templates in the dashboard: or
B) through Designer Launch > Product Custom Drilldown: because there’s no way to assign templates to specific product drilldown pages via the Content Editor.

It looks like it’s possible to add additional Product List templates, but not Product Drilldown ones. Is there some way around this? Or some place to add another custom Product Drilldown template that I’m not seeing?

Note that I’m not trying to replace my existing custom Product Drilldown template. It’s fine. I only want to add an alternative template for merchandise products.

This seems like something that can’t be that uncommon — many wineries sell non-wine items and that merchandise doesn’t really fit or need the same kind of things wine sales pages need (reviews, styling that works for bottle shots, etc).

I reached out to support, and Carisen nudged me to the forum. :slight_smile:

@Andrea? (Thanks!)

As far as I know, there is no way to have more than one drilldown template. I agree that it is a shortcoming that I would love to see resolved.

An easy, interim solution for Vin65 to implement would be to put the product type as a class of the body tag. If they did that, at least you could change the css for that product type.

What I did was to create some javascript that looked for specific elements on the page to give me an idea of the product, e.g. if the page contained Wine Specs, then it was a wine page. Once the javascript identified the product type, then I could manipulate the page with javascript or set a class on the body tag that would allow me to change the layout with css.

I had another workaround idea as well. If you’re not using one of the product fields that is available as a tag, like Brand or Subtitle, you could put the product type in there and then output that as a class on the product drilldown template. That would allow you to adjust the css for different product types, but you would have to make sure that field was properly filled out on all products.

Sorry the news isn’t better, but I hope this helps a little.


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Hey @marketing1,

Jeff is correct that there is currently no way to add a second Product Drilldown layout for different product types. The product drilldown templates under Settings > Templates aren’t actually currently in use on the site. (These look to be leftover from a discontinued setting that had been on the site at one point.)

The file in use is stored in the FTP under v65html > product-drilldown.htm. Changes to this file are parsed under Settings > Designer Launch > Custom Product Drilldown and then it is used for all of your products.

If this is something that you want to see change within Vin65, you submit a feature request.

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Since the last reply here is 10/17…

I’d like to know if any new feature has been added that allows alternate product drilldown templates, especially for merchandise?