Adding Wine Categories to Online store


I am looking for some advice or guidance.

Our website store currently is a single page, that displays ALL products.
Ideally, we would like to add categories, obviously Red / White / Rose etc…

I am aware that I can create sub-pages, and these appear in the navigation, but it would be preferred that we have a small navigation on the product page itself, maybe even a filter that can sort the products by their respective categories.

At the moment I cannot see a way to edit the guts of the code that creates the shop area, is in its template it is just notified with v65:mainContent</v65:mainContent>

Any advice would be most welcome.

Thank you.

It’s pretty involved but you could copy a template in v65html, give it a new filename with .htm, add the new template name to “Website Settings” in the right spot, parse in designer launch. It could be something like this in the template:
<v65:filter type=“brand,price,varietal” priceRanges=“0-30,30-60,60”>

Or you could like build out 5 pages and then even manually code in the links if where they appear by default doesn’t please you.