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HTML Template for Photo Galleries

Is it possible to change the html for the photo galleries? I don’t want to use a Nivo Slider for my photo gallery and would like something different that will require additional markup and classes etc for the gallery.

Is it possible to do this? I can’t seem to find any html file or settings that I can edit that will allow this.

I don’t know about Wine Direct finding a more customizable slider, but you can always create a completely bespoke gallery using a custom content block.

It’s not a perfect solution because it will have to be hardcoded to a set number of images that can be swapped out (unless someone cleverer than me has figured out how to make that happen in Wine Direct?) but it gives a lot more developer control, and custom content blocks can be inserted by users as components.

Thanks for this. That is what I have wound up doing. Although I have created the content block with a html editor field and use the editor to upload as many thumbnail images as necessary. Then with javascript I am getting a full image by substituting part of the url from the thumbnail.

Which unfortunately does rely on the images being named identically. Might think of a way to do it by submitting a folder path instead…

Really, what devs need in Wine Direct is the ability to create a way to provide users with unlimited fields/entries of type as needed. Something comparable with Perch’s repeaters or Statamic’s replicator.

Actually, everyone please look at what Statamic’s doing because it is amazing and so intuitive. Check out their Bard field type, people who want a new WYSIWYG editor:

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This is the first time I have used Wine Direct, and mostly it has been great, but I totally agree that you need some kind of repeating field, or at least a way to modify the html of photo galleries so that you are not tied to a nivo slider.

If you are using a template, the HTML output for the photo galleries lives under assets > js > scripts.js. You can play around with it, but it’s a little finicky.

If you are wanting a completely custom photo gallery, I’d recommend using Content Blocks, but placing the outer wrapper for the gallery directly inside your layout file with the content block v65 tag.


When you are setting up the Content Block Template inside WineDirect, only set it up for a single slide. You can then create as many slides as you’d like, by simply adding new Content Blocks that use that specific template.

If you are wanting many custom galleries, this gets a little harder to manage, but it works well for a featured gallery.