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Different Drilldown Template by product type?

Is there any way to have different product types (bundles, wine product, event ticket, etc.) use a different drilldown template?

I want a wine drilldown to look different than an event ticket drilldown. Like maybe the wine has some tabs and the event ticket doesn’t need them.

I, too, was looking for this functionality and could not find a way to do it. What I ended up doing was writing a little snippet of javascript that would look for certain elements on the page that I knew were only present for certain product types (like the “Wine Specs” area) and adjusts the formatting accordingly. It’s times like this when I wish Vin65 would allow for conditional statements in their templates or at least adding some meaningful classes on the body tag so I could make these kinds of changes in css rather than resorting to javascript.

If you want more detail or a little code snippet, let me know.



Have you guys had success in rearranging product tags? For example I would like “related products” to appear above “reviews” but when I download and open the product drill down page just has limited info on the html pages, like the main wrapper. Perhaps it’s the template I’m using which is Clover.

Hey @jon,

For Clover, you should see a file in the FTP under v65html called “product-drilldown.htm”. This contains all of the product related tags that are then inserted to the main “product-drilldown-page.htm”.

Once you’ve made any changes, the file will then need to be ‘re-parsed’ under Settings > Designer Launch > Product Custom Drilldown so that the changes take affect.


Great that worked!! Thanks so much Andrea!

Funny I looked at that the file but didn’t scroll down to see the related products tag!

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I had this question posed to me recently by a developer. As you’ve all discovered, there isn’t a native solution to have a different image, label or layout based on product type. We typically get a response that it’s not possible.

Aside from the javascript approach, here are some ideas to explore:

  • Leverage a custom content block that calls a class into an element, have the content block related to products themselves. If you’re showing/hiding elements, or changing CSS classes this approach could work.
  • Repurpose the last ‘other notes’ product field within the /store/manage properties/ area of the admin panel.
  • Inquire with WineDirect about the custom attribute option. I haven’t used this recently, and it might not be available because documentation site can sometimes be outdated, but worth checking into.

Tagging @Andrea to see what she thinks of these approaches.

I might try the first approach for events product types on a development. I’ll post results if I do.

There’s no way to display a completely new set of tags or a completely different page layout, but @JamesDavenport definitely has some good suggestions.

In terms of flexibility for the page itself, the best option would probably be if you make use of Content Blocks that are Related to Products (as James mentioned).

When you are creating the Content Blocks and adding in the content, you can create multiple versions and then select which products should see each. If a single product isn’t checked off at all, it just won’t display the Content Block on the page.

Just a note - that you will also need to add the Content Block tag to the product drilldown layout in order for it to appear: :slight_smile:


I know this is an old thread, but thought I’d lodge a feature request. If you simply made the product type a tag that I can add to a template, then I could use that to populate a container class on my drilldown template that would allow me to change all kinds of formatting in css. I know I could achieve this with the content block suggestion above, but that’s extra work for my clients that they would have to remember to do.