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Seeing who opened up email

I know you can see how many opens you get after sending an email out, but is there a way to pull information as to who did or didnt open up the email?

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If you go to reports and look under the email marketing tab they have one labeled “email detailed” that includes specifically who opened it. It has detailed information on bounces, too.

If the email is resent via the send mass email function- will the re-send exclude customers who have already opened?

I’m pretty sure that it doesn’t, if you’re sending an email to a list or contact type it sends it to everyone on that contact type who hasn’t unsubscribed or hard bounced. If you want to resend it to everyone who hasn’t opened an email you’ll need to have them as a separate contact type or something. The list builder has a box for “haven’t opened emails in x emails” under the contact options, but it isn’t very powerful and I always have trouble with it.

Thanks and agreed. The “Hasn’t opened” criteria have never worked and support has not been able to fix it. Will try another route.

If you download the detailed email report and removed everyone who opened it, could you use the customer importer to upload them to a new contact type? I haven’t tried it yet, but that was my only other idea.

I don’t notice a lot of businesses send the exact same email again if I don’t open the first one, and there are a lot I don’t open. Doesn’t seem like a best practice… What I usually see (and do) is send reminder/follow ups as appropriate.

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I’ve had wine club members complaining about not receiving important club messages, those I like to resend. My plan is to wait a couple of days to make sure that it hasn’t gone through, download the report, and then resend the message only to the soft bounces that haven’t opened it.

For general promo emails I think that you’re right, a follow up email is more appropriate.