Send a reminder to club members about pickups (including past quarters)

Is there a way to craft an email that will show each customers back orders which they need to pickup?

Basically something like:
Hello //FirstName//,

Please be advised that you have club shipment(s) to pick up. If you would like to have us ship these items, please contact Club Manager at phone number. You have the following order(s):
Some way to print all of their open orders.

Thank you,

Hello Robsaye,

Thanks for checking in with your inquiry, there are a a few things that you could do to alert people of open orders to be picked up, there will be some manual work but could get close to where you want to be, one way that comes to mind:
If you run a report, like the orders by ship/pickup date, you can have the filter for ‘not picked up’, this will give you all the orders that need to be picked up, and there is one more filter for order types that can be used to make sure it’s only club orders as well.
From there in excel you can pull who’s missing which club offering and if it’s multiple, and these contacts can be uploaded into specific contact types that creates the lists to be able to send out, it’s not possible to put the order numbers missing, but they can log in and see in their profile of the website which orders, because of this, best practice would be to have two contact types, or more, which would be the amount of emails that would go out, the two contact type approach would allow you to send two emails only for:

  1. Members that have only one order to be picked up, so the message with the //FirstName// you can say there is an order that is pending pickup and that it can be looked at by login in to the website and going to their order history.
  2. Members that have more than one order, just letting them know that there are multiple and can be looked at the same way as on the first email.

Hope this helps, if you need a bit more clarification could you send us an email at and we can go over it with you.

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I have another easier way if you use an external email platform like Mailchimp.

Appreciate this, that is what I thought. I wound up sending multiple emails to those with more than one orders.

No, we use the built in email client.

Thank you though