Emails to club members not opened

I’m a newbie WineDirect and have just sent out an email to members to come pickup or place an order. Only about half of the club members have opened the email.

Is there a way to send out an email to members that have not opened the email?

I don’t know of any simple easy way to do this, but making a list in the list builder and selecting the ‘haven’t opened email in last X emails’ or ‘Haven’t opened email in last x days’ plus a combination of club member filters, should get you close enough?

Edit: “The Email Detailed Report” shows opens and clicks, but I don’t know of any way to import a spreadsheet of customers into the list builder. Maybe someone else knows how!

There’s no easy way to do this unless you do what @rmcguire said or use a third-party ESP and merge member information in.

It was pretty simple doing it just as you said. In the list builder I selected not opened in 7 days and last 1 email and then selected my wine club… it gave me exactly the number of club members who did not open the first email.