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Selling gift certificates in the tasting room

Who’s selling gift certificates in the tasting room via POS? Can you do this without going into the admin panel? I want to make this as easy for staff as possible. Don’t want to redirect everyone to the web site.

Physical gift cards or virtual ones? We do both and have separate items for each. Can process in POS, no problem.

The easiest thing to do in the TR for a physical gift cert is to create some standard values and print them up in advance. Then just sell them as a regular product for face value.

I can create products with preset values, but how do I get that product to link with the 16 digit code that is created when the gift card is created? I can seem to sell a product through the POS that generates the 16 digit code that will be used. Or must those transactions be run separately?

Hi @lindsi.loflin,

After creating your gift card product under Store > Products, whenever it is purchased in an order (on the POS, in the admin panel, or on your website), a gift card with code will automatically be generated for the customer and appear under Store > Gift Cards. From here you’ll be able to see each gift card and, if you click into each, the order number that created them.

Hi @Andrea ,
When I followed you instructions, I luckily did link the product to a gift card in the backend. However, after the transaction, I had to go into the backend to look up what that code was, which leaves the customer waiting while I had to retrieve it for them, and had to also add the correct amount on the product in the backend. I was under the impression I could leave the price of the product blank and then change the price later on the POS to match what the customer was looking to purchase. It seems like instead we need to make gift card products with specific amounts or otherwise remember to go back and change it to the correct value?

Actually, I now realize you can’t go in and change the value after the fact. Is there a way to create gift cards that have a customizable value, or do we need to have preset values?

  1. In order to ensure that the customer is emailed the gift code code, on the product in the Admin Panel click “Manage Properties” on the right-hand side and then make sure that “Send Gift Card System Email?” is checked off in the top section.

  2. For the gift card amount, you can leave the price completely blank, but since it can only be adjusted in the Admin Panel, it’ll be quicker and less manual if you create multiple SKUs on that product for each amount you want to offer. When in the POS, if you click on the gift card product, you’ll be prompted with a modal to select which SKU/ amount the customer is purchasing.

  3. If you do ever need to adjust the balance for a specific gift card that was purchased, you can navigate in the Admin Panel to Store > Gift Cards > select the gift card and click the “Add a Transaction” button to add or remove value.