Shipping Profiles are combining

We have an issue where online orders/admin orders are combining 2 different shipping profiles even though we have “Summer” as the default. So people are able to get Fed Ex Cold Chain at the UPS Ground price. 2 emails to support have not been answered. Any idea how to turn off the “Winter” profile or get them to un-combine?

Hi @debbie1,

In your “Summer” shipping strategy it looks like you have some states included in multiple zones which could cause the shipping to not calculate correctly.

When the customer creates an order, the system will check their state to see which shipping zone and rates should apply. If they are in multiple zones, it could have problems knowing which methods and rates are applicable.

One of the benefits of the new shipping strategy UI is it prevents states from being in multiple zones.

There are some drawbacks, though, like you cannot use a shipping type more than once, even with a different label.

Ok, we will look at that. But that doesn’t explain why 2 different shipping strategies are both popping up, at least not to me! None of these strategies are new, they have been sitting in the system for a year(s).

Here’s my guess:

Some of the products in these orders are hard-coded to a specific shipping strategy and you just need to update them to “Use Default.”

If you want to audit which products, you can go to Settings > Import/Export > Product Exporter (Format Advanced) and output a spreadsheet.

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You are brilliant! That’s exactly what it is…at least I see that some are not set as Use Default. Thanks!!!

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