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Shipping Strategies

I added a new shipping strategy, but when I start a test cart, I am only given one shipping option. How do I activate the 2nd strategy?

Assign shipping strategy 2 to a product that you will then test it on.

Hey @Taste,

By default, only one shipping strategy will be used for your online checkout. This will be whichever strategy is marked as the Primary/Default shipping strategy.

Are you wanting to just test out a new shipping strategy (that will be used as the default in the future) or did you want to add new shipping methods to your existing shipping strategy (ie. Ground, 2-Day, etc.) ?

Adding multiple shipping methods will give customers the option to choose what type of shipping they want for their order.

Thank you Andrea. I was looking to add a shipping method. I want to add Ship with Ice Packs as an option that charges more.

Welcome! :slight_smile: