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Out of Date Page Showing up on Website

We have a page showing up on our website that is out of date, so we would like to remove it. They only problem is that we cannot find it in our content editor. I have clicked on everything single page (and sub pages) in the content editor and this page doesn’t exist.

Anyone had this happen before?

  1. Is it perhaps a product page that doesn’t look like a product page? Or some other component like a blog post or event?

  2. Does it have a marketing URL? Search in marketing URLs, it might give you a clue.

Checked all those and have I’ve tried using the URL to find out the where it would be in the site map but it isn’t showing up there. I currently have it redirecting, but would still like to delete the page.

I am wondering if it is just not showing up in the site pages tree because that section is so narrow.

Could you post the URL to this page?

The link is below, but it is already redirecting to the correct page and I don’t want to take the redirect off because the lottery opened today and it has incorrect info. We get 3000+ people entering the lottery.

Sure looks like a regular content page (?method=pages…) and it’s deep into the sub pages. I bet it’s because of the narrow view, like you suggest. This should help you trace it, start with Events:


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There are other pages under Tickets, but not the one I am looking for.

In marketing URLs search for “TermsConditions”. See if it is aliased to something else.