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Subscription Forms

I’m trying to overhaul our signup forms as we currently have 4 different forms all for newsletter and not everyone is getting imported to our list.

In addition to our “newsletter” contact I also created “Thirsty Thursday” but when someone signed up through that list just now they aren’t being pulled when I run a report.

Is there a delay (it’s been only a half hour) or is there something wrong with the way I set up the form or run the report?

First screen shot is of the form, the second one is how I am going about trying to pull the emails (as we use a system outside wine direct for managing emails)

Reports > contacts > Contact List > set dates from July 1 2019 to August 31 2019, set filters so that only Thirsty Thursday is selected > Run report, no results

Just a heads up for anyone else with the same issue – I was running the reports the wrong way.
I should have gone to Reports> Marketing> Forms>Thirsty Thursday> Export

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